What responsive design means for your business

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Responsive design is a technique that utilizes newer web technologies to allow your website to adapt to a variety of screen dimensions without having to serve individualized content like a mobile site. Because responsive design utilizes pre-existing resources and assets, it is significantly faster to develop and therefore a more cost-effective solution.


Why is responsive design important?


Currently the total percentage of web traffic [according to statcounter.com] is divided between approximately 17% mobile and 82% desktop worldwide. It’s important to note that industries like tourism have a higher percentage of mobile views because users are generally on the go when searching for these sites.


It’s important for your website to adjust to varying screen dimensions, have an adaptive layout , and be honed for touch-interaction so that your end-users can still easily navigate and take-in your content regardless of whether they are accessing it via smartphone, tablet, etc.


Responsive design is an opportunity for you to create a strong brand touch-point for your users that will engage them and lead to conversions.

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