Contemporary Website Design and How it Affects your Business Part 2

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Part 2: Design around your content (not the other way around)

It’s often very easy when starting new projects to have a loose idea of the project goals and then to refine those goals as the project progresses. It’s incredibly common.

Certain aspects of this are unavoidable however, as designers it’s important for us to have a solid idea of project restrictions, the message we’ll be communicating to your audience, and what assets we will have available to us to perform this task (copy, images, video, podcasts, webinars, etc). This allows us to design a user-interface that hones in on the exact message your site sends, and clearly convey that message to the audience (your visitors). Part and parcel of this is how we address engaging your audience and inviting them to continue exploring your website.

Conversely, without a solid understanding of your project needs or target audience you can end up in a situation where you attempt to make the content fit the design. When that happens your message is not as clearly defined and your users are much less likely to make a discernible connection between the site content and why it is important to them. (This could be translated directly into users becoming bored or frustrated when navigating your site)

The idea is to make content minimal and modular so that the user can easily identify topics/points that interest them.

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