Contemporary Website Design and How it Affects your Business Part 4

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Part 4: Tell your story

Instead of thinking of your site as an extension of your business, think of your site as telling the story of your business. We aren’t simply telling the user:

"Hey, we're ABZ company from somwhere, CA and we make all sorts of stuff"

We’re painting a diverse picture of your business and then inviting the user to get lost in it. Using the previous example we could expand the concept as follows:

"We make all sorts of stuff that's useful to you as a user. We're ABZ Company out in somewhere, CA. Nice to meet you"

These examples are oversimplifications however the difference should be clear: we’re not just posting data and forcing the user to give it context, we’re taking control of the situation and giving the user context.

At the end of the day we’re talking about the difference between simply blurting out data to the user and actually enforcing the brand touchpoint in the hopes of connecting with the end-user.

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