Contemporary Website Design and How it Affects your Business Part 5

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Part 5: How new Web Technologies allow us to connect with the user

Luckily for us, interest in web technologies has never been higher. The standard has been set: users expect to be engaged and the industry has adapted.

The specification for HTML5 have really been a big push as far as making websites more semantic and dynamic. Elements like video, audio, geolocation, 3D, animations (just to name a few) that previously required higly skilled specialists or mountains of code to operate properly are now all features that are natively supported by most browsers which makes them not only fun and feasible options (as developers) to use, but also more equitable ( as a client ).

This allows us to take a more literal approach when attempting to tell the story of your business. Instead of building blocks of text and hoping your visitors glance at them, we use videos, interactive web applications (like interactive comics, games, etc) or geolocation (example: Hey you live [here]? We have a location right down the street from you!) to truly engage your visitors and get them interested in your business/product.

Because when all is said done it’s about generating interest in your brand.

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