Telling your marketing story today.

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Business communicators, whether they are talking about a 300 square foot retail establishment or a brand behemoth, all have a common objective.

Get the message out!


We all need to tell our marketing story and in our current scenario, where customers are more in control of the buying process than ever, we need to find the best way to do that.


Being seen and heard is an ongoing challenge.

So how do we start?

We need to understand who the customer is, what they are interested in and what motivates them.

Once we understand our customer, we can build a plan which is relevant, useful and will resonate with them.

With that plan, we now have the opportunity to align  the message with the right content and deliver that across different channels, mobile devices, email, blogs, social, and webinars.  With some thought, this can all be seamlessly combined with a marketing automation program to help us better engage customers and prospects.  We can even measure behaviors and response rates and improve ROI.

The term for this sort of methodology is Inbound Marketing and at the core of the concept as described by Hubspot, a leading practioner, is this description from their website.


Inbound Marketing in a nutshell.


Create blog posts, ebooks, videos, and other content that answers questions your prospects are asking. Optimize it for search engines and share it on social media.


Turn traffic into leads with powerful offers. Use landing pages to promote valuable material. Engage serious prospects with clear calls to action.


Help your leads become delighted customers. Collect the information they share with you so you can help them on the issues that matter most to them.  www.hubspot.com



So, if you’re thinking about Inbound Marketing for your organization and how to tell your marketing story, here are some thoughts to keep in mind.


Be genuine, be true to your brand, and do your best to understand your customer and what resonates with them.  Do not put out content that doesn’t match their persona or yours.


Don’t dismiss social media.  There have been major cultural shifts and more than ever people want to discover and share what they are interested in.  With over one billion users on Facebook, 560 million on Twitter, 150 million on Instagram and 70 million on Pinterest, social media is a force that cannot be denied.


Don’t wander.  Tell the same story everywhere.  Whatever channels you use, make sure your storytelling is consistent and fits the channel. Compelling stories are shared and that takes place predominantly on social media.   This helps to integrate your message and your customers are doing it for you.


Content is your friend.  Don’t fear it.  Many people are afraid of the demands of a rich content marketing program and the demands it will make on your time and resources. Yes, it will be a learning curve to get it right.  But the good news is that it is getting easier and cheaper to produce compelling content including video.  Go for it, get some video out there and while you’re at it, make sure it looks great on mobile.  That’s where we are going.


Take the long view. If you clearly define your story in a creative and entertaining way, you will likely find that you are engaging your customers and that engagement is the first step to maximizing selling potential and driving more revenue. Maybe not tomorrow but it is the right way to go.


Hubspot provides some very in depth articles to help you better understand the concept on their website.



If you would like to discuss how you might get involved with Inbound Marketing, and talk about your marketing story, send us a note.   Let’s chat.     

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