SEO can be complicated because it ties in multiple elements of web design, development, technical prowess, brand credibility, & lead generation into three letters (SEO). The best SEO company manages this from architecture to execution with content management.

What does an SEO company do?

The best SEO company creates an SEO strategy based on the foundation of a great brand then follows a transparent process through execution of the site and regular SEO maintenance with content & social management.

SEO can be complicated because it ties in multiple elements of web design, development, technical prowess, brand credibility, & lead generation into three letters (SEO).

The best SEO company ties these elements into a seamless process for companies to get the most out of possible visitors. SEO is a critical component in the brand of the company. It is more important than just page ranking. It tells the story of a company when done correctly. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating an SEO company:

Benefits of an SEO company

More Traffic to Website

Better Brand Visibility

Better Rankings on Google

More Sales & Leads

Winning Brand Strength

Increased Company Credibility

Site Appears on Google

Easy Mobile Use

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Best SEO Benefits

Site Performance
Better Brand Credibility
Better Brand Recognition
Increased Site Traffic

How To Get My Company On Google

The best search engine optimization company will use all the necessary tools, strategies, content, and research mechanics to provide your company with a website that gets the best google rankings.

At Spectra Media, we use the SpectraBrandMaster Strategy. We start by first understanding the goal and mission of your company. Why do you have a website? What is the purpose of your website? How do you define the success of your website? How would you like the public to perceive your website? What type of credibility would you want your website to have?

We then compile all the information about your company goals, mission, message, and branding. We use this information to do a massive amount of research on the ideal topics of your company that will lead to the best SEO results. This research helps get your website ranked on Google for your target market. This research includes a substantial amount of competitive analysis to keep your company ahead of your competition.

Our next phase is to either create quality content or provide your team with the ideal content solutions to incorporate into your website for the best Google ranking results. We will guide your team to construct the expert material that will WOW your visitors and increase traffic to your site.

While content is in development, Spectra goes to work on the best user experience design. Experts call this UX Design. You want your visitors to have a great experience when they visit your site because it is your virtual storefront. This process is a way to organize content in a meaningful way to your visitors that helps them achieve the goals of your website.

Mobile devices used more than desktop computers. We mobile SEO optimize your website, so visitors are able to navigate with mobile and tablet devices quickly. It is critical for a site to be mobile friendly. It’s vital for a website to be lightning fast with mobile devices. How do we do this? We can incorporate AMP technology on each page when you opt to use this technology. AMP technology is a way to make a website incredibly fast on mobile devices, and Google is now ranking sites based on if they include AMP. AMP = better page rank results.

The next phase of our SEO process is to link your site to relevant sites and internal pages. Your visitors love to read great content, and they enjoy the ability to click through to learn more information on different topics. We incorporate this in the process, and it is also a part of the UX design process.

Security is a must. The Spectra team will inspect your site for all security risks. Why does this affect SEO? It’s simple. If Google sees a website is not secure, it ranks the page lower because the site may put the visitor at risk. Google spends a tremendous amount of effort in connecting specific content with what the user is looking to find.

Spectra will dig deep into all the little nooks and crannies to optimize every area of a page. We look at the page titles, headers, meta descriptions, meta tags, photo descriptions, and over a dozen other items that can help increase the number of people visiting your website. We help clear out all the unnecessary information “clutter” on your site to guide guests better to achieve your goals.

We then wrap up our SEO process by connecting your site to the top search engines. We will provide the ideal social media content that backlinks correctly to your site with a clear message. And we can give a list of companies that may be effective in cross-marketing or cross-branding in efforts of driving ideal traffic to your site.

These are cover the majority of items needed when you are looking for the best SEO company. As you can see, optimizing a website to get the best Google ranking can be very complicated and can take excessive amounts of your company time. Most companies use an SEO agency when they are ready to improve their Google ranking status because of the technical skills needed to be combined with an artistic touch to communicate best with potential visitors.

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