Excellent logo design should closely tie into excellent company branding. The best logo designs capture all the branding goals into a simple image created by a graphic designer.

Company Logo Design

Your company logo should impress your message in your market. It should captivate your market. It should speak volumes to your market. Spectra considers these vital elements when designing company logos. We take the time to factor in all essential pieces of a strong logo to communicate the message of your brand in a simple and meaningful way.

Top 5 Logo Design Elements


Have a clearly defined message with the fewest words possible.


Font types define the mood of the message.


Colors play to visual perception of the message.

Graphic Design

Visual connection of the message.


Multiple variations of the logo are needed to suit the appropriate message.

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Spectra Logo Design Process

The simpler the logo, the more difficult it is for the graphic designer because they need to tie in all the important pieces of a company message into one primary image. To do this, we take the appropriate amount of time to understand the needs of our client fully.

Spectra Logo Design Step One

Research & Competition

  • We first take the time to understand your company, research the industry and perform a competitive analysis to comprehend the nature of your market fully.

Spectra Logo Design Step Two

Understand Needs

  • Understanding the market opens up the opportunity to understand the needs of the target audience, demographics, urgency, and problems. Understanding the needs of the market creates the chance to solve the audience’s problems.

Spectra Logo Design Step Three

Initial Drafts

  • We get to work with multiple drafts and ideas. We believe in working the entire spectrum of ideas and push the boundaries.

Spectra Logo Design Step One

Refine & Revise

  • After dozens of drafts, we start to cut out designs that fall short and present an array of options to our clients to see what resonates best. Then we refine and revise until the perfectly formed logo appears. We call this the Primary Logo.

Spectra Logo Design Step Five


  • Once we have designed the Primary Logo, we create a multitude of variations to fit the needs of different platforms for social media, web pages, letterhead, and more.

Let Spectra design or refine your current logo. We are experts in creating logos that express the message of your company in a clear, beautiful, and simple way.

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