A Web Designer brings together the technical and creative elements of a website design project together. A great Web Designer must have strong technical skills with experience in coding and strong graphic design talents.

What is a Web Designer?

A Web Designer is a hybrid of creative talent that has experience in website development and coding. They must stay on top of the technical advancements in the website development world and also have an artistic ability to string together beautifully designed websites aesthetically.

What does a Web Designer do?

The best Website Designers come from a Graphic Design background and understand the critical elements of a strong image. The best Web Designers then take the image mastery of graphic design and learn how to blend it with technology. The design of the website must integrate perfectly with the technical difficulties of coding for a site with fantastic user experiences.

What is a Web Designer’s role?

A website designer’s role is to take the best web design strategy and make it into web pages. Similar to an architect, the web designer must connect all the necessary pieces of messaging, colors, visual elements, branding, SEO, goals, vision, and strategy to make a visually appealing site that functions at the highest level.

Looking for a Website Designer?

Spectra’s web design team is led by founder Chris Comar. His background is a blend of technical and graphic design talents. He ensures his team understands the complexities of coding and the gentle touch of graphic design.  Your website is your virtual storefront and store. Your audience wants to have a great experience when visiting. Schedule a free consultation with Spectra to learn how we can help with your web design needs.

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