Search Engine Optimization, website SEO, is the process of clearly defining your message with keywords and then driving non-paid traffic to your website. If you type in what your company does, and your website does not show up, your site needs help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Can you find your website on google?

Your website is losing you customers and money if you can’t find your website on google when you type in your product or service. Search Engine Optimization is known as SEO. Your website should be optimized for your target audience to easily find your product or service. Having the best strategy to¬†optimize your website will help drive more customers to your site to purchase your product or sign up for your service.

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16 of the best SEO tips!

SEO is a highly refined skill. Make no mistakes, any company that guarantees first-page exposure for SEO is likely disingenuine. Google search bots are continually changing, and the algorithms are not published. However, there are many things you can do to your site to increase the odds of driving organic traffic to your site. There are roughly 45 action items for each web page that can boost SEO presence. Here are the 16 ways to increase your SEO presence. WARNING! These tips can take a lot of your time. Be prepared to lock yourself away for several hours (or days if you don’t know what you are doing).

SEO Tip One | Search Engine Optimization Tip 1


  • Precise message on each page to optimize what you want your audience to see.

SEO Tip Two | Search Engine Optimization Tip 2

Quality Content

  • High-quality content that is directly related to your branding and messaging.

SEO Tip Three | Search Engine Optimization Tip 3


  • User Experience (UX or UI) should be fantastic for your visiting guests. The more comfortable your site is to navigate, the better the ranking you will have with search engines.

SEO Tip Four | Search Optimization Tip 4

Mobile Friendly

  • Mobile friendly is critical. Google recently announced all web pages would be ranked by how mobile-friendly their sites operate. The vast majority of websites are not mobile friendly. Google is rewarding sites with mobile-friendly designs.

SEO Tip Five | Search Engine Optimization Tip 5


  • How fast is your website? Is it lightning speed? If not, search engines will likely push your site down the list.

SEO Tip Six | Search Engine Optimization Tip 6


  • Links to other pages in your website can increase the credibility of your content because it gives your audience more places to go.

SEO Tip Seven | Search Engine Optimization Tip 7


  • Safety first! If your site is not secure, websites will discredit the pages and rank them low.

SEO Tip Eight | Search Engine Optimization Tip 8


  • Titles matter. The title on your website page should directly reflect the content within the webpage.

SEO Tip Nine | Search Engine Optimization Tip 9

Meta Descriptions

  • Meta Descriptions are little snippets of information that explain the content within your webpage. Take the time to write out the fragment, so your audience knows the intent of the page.

SEO Tip Ten | Search Engine Optimization Tip 10


  • Index your site with all the search engines!

SEO Tip eleven | Search Engine Optimization Tip 11

Photo Descriptions

  • Provide descriptions in all of your photos, so they match the intent of the content on every webpage.

SEO Tip Twelve | Search Engine Optimization Tip 12

Social Media

  • Social media websites should link to your site. You should only use relevant social media websites to connect to your website. You want to be where your audience is spending their time.

SEO Tip Thirteen | Search Engine Optimization Tip 13


  • You will want to use headlines within each of your pages. The captions or headers should be a simple message that conveys what belongs in the paragraphs below.

SEO Tip Fourteen | Search Engine Optimization Tip 14


  • Connect to all the local search engines and link up with indexes that are directly related to your industry.

SEO Tip Fifteen | Search Engine Optimization Tip 15

Clear Clutter

  • Reduce excessive advertising.

SEO Tip Sixteen | Search Engine Optimization Tip 16


  • Form partnerships with other like-minded companies in your industry. Cross-brand, each other for more effective marketing efforts, will also help your page ranking in search engines.

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