User Interface Design (UI) is the user interface is the visual aspect that connects the operating system or software to the user. The user interface comprises three main components: code, menus, and graphics.

What is UI or User Interface Design?

A great UI Designer will connect the complexities of software and operating system languages to the user in easy to understand ways by using imagery, navigational options and command elements. They will link the information structure to visual elements from graphic design to anticipate the end user’s needs.

At Spectra, we like to KEEP IT SIMPLE. It is the Spectra ideology and methodology. In short, our User Interface Designers take the complexities of web development and make it look beautifully simple. It’s a way of anticipating the user’s needs before the user ever reaches the site.

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Spectra’s Six Principles of User Interface

Our Spectra User Interface Design Team follows Six Principles of User Interface to ensure all projects have the user in mind.

Spectra User Interface Principle One

Keep it Simple!

  • We are always looking for ways to keep the user interface simple.

Spectra User Interface Principle Two

Keep it Consistent!

  • Users want to feel familiar with the interface at all times or quickly learn the flow of the site. The faster users can maneuver through a website, the quicker they will turn into conversions. We use common elements to speed up the conversion factor.

Spectra User Interface Principle Three

What’s The Point?

  • Always have a purpose and a goal for each page. We look at every single page and ensure it has a distinct meaning that drives users to conversions.

Spectra User Interface Principle Four

How does it feel?

  • Colors, textures, imagery, and sounds make an enormous experience for your visitors.

Spectra User Interface Principle Five

Clean or Sloppy?

  • Your website should have consistent formatting, font sizes, hierarchy, and colors. We are big believers in keeping consistency for an enjoyable visit to our web pages.

Spectra User Interface Principle Six

Where Am I?

  • A great user interface should communicate a visitor’s location, next steps, actions, and changes of state

How does your website stack up to our Six Principles of User Interface?  Ask us how we can help improve your visitor’s user experience today and help you achieve your goals.

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